Orthopaedics Centre of Excellence

The Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence at Athani Hospital offers answers to all complex Orthopaedic problems. We have a team of experienced Surgeons trained to handle most of the important Orthopaedic sub-specialities.

The department provides daily outpatient services and round the clock trauma and emergency services, ably supported by a Physiotherapy Department.

A state of the art operating theatre complex adds value to the services provided, by reducing infection rates to the least.

Services provided:

  • 24x7 trauma care and trauma surgery

  • Daily outpatient services

  • Joint replacement services (primary and revision surgeries of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow)

  • Arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, repair etc

  • Arthritis clinic

  • Back and neck pain clinic

  • Sports medicine

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation